It’s the little details that make a wedding memorable, but those details can sometimes add up and make a big dent in your budget. When you’re first planning your wedding you might have a specific vision in mind for some of those special details and it can be disappointing when you actually find out how much they’re going to cost you.

So we’ve come up with some tips for easy ways to include all the special touches you want, but still come in under budget.

Scheduling Wedding Details

Find items that work double duty

Props and Signage for the Photo Booth

Make your dollar stretch farther by finding details that can serve multiple purposes at the wedding. For example, if you’re splurging on an awesome photo booth, why not have the photos serve as favors for your guests? Add a cute sign saying something like “Strike a pose! Thanks for sharing this day with us and giving us memories to last a lifetime! Please visit our photo booth! Leave a copy for the bride and groom and take one home as our gift to you!” so guests know they should take their photos with them. Double prints come in two sizes, 4×6″ or 2×6″ so they fit perfectly in your guestbook.

Wedding Table Decor

Another fun detail would be adding a small wooden popsicle stick to your ceremony program so it can also be used as a fan. This is especially great for those outdoor ceremonies in the summer! Finally, with a little creativity your place cards can also become a piece of decor. Think about adding florals or using something unconventional like a tag tied to an antique key to help guests find their seats. This can add so much more to your theme than a folded card would and allow you to knock out two details in the process!

Go digital

These days there are digital substitutes for so many items and wedding products are no exception. Many times going with a digital version rather than a physical product can be an easy way to save a little money too. You can put together a wedding website to collect RSVPs which could save you a lot on postage for all of those little cards! Many people are familiar with using a wedding hashtag to collect photos from friends and family in one central, digital location, which saves you more stress than anything else.

Individual and Prints Downloads

If your venue has a lot of screens around, why not use them to display signage related to your wedding? Create cute templates on a powerpoint program and use them to direct guests to the reception area, display the dinner menu or anything else you would like to communicate. Even your photo booth can go digital and save you some money too! With the digital only package you’ll receive a ZIP file of all the high-res photos from your wedding and an online gallery to enjoy after your big day. This is great if you’re worried guests will forget or lose their photos at the venue.

Decide what’s most important

Engaged Couple Meeting with Financial Advisor

When you’re deciding which details you should spend money on, it’s important to think about which parts of your wedding day you’re looking forward to the most. If you’re more excited about the reception than the ceremony, then it might be worth it to you to splurge on a decked out photo booth to save the memories of you and your friends partying the night away. If you’re most excited for the meal then you might splurge on an upgraded menu.

The important thing is to talk to your fiance about which parts of the day you’re most looking forward to and use that to plan your budget accordingly. You might also want to look into a wedding loan from a service like Earnest to help when you’re planning out your budget for all those little important details.

When you’re planning your wedding you don’t have to skimp out on the extra special details to save your budget. With some creativity and pre-planning you can still have the amazing wedding you’ve dreamed of. If a photo booth is part of your dream wedding but you’re not sure if it will fit in the budget, don’t be afraid to reach out and we’ll do our best to find a package that works for you!

The little details you’ve spent time planning will be the things that set your wedding apart so put some thought into them and find a creative way to fit them into your budget.