R29 | Refinery 29

3.15.2014 | Santa Monica, CA

Pink Shutter was excited to be part of this special event! Refinery 29 (R29) and Nike Training Club hosted a day-long event called Tour LA. Guests were treated to many activities and attractions including our Flip Book Station, talks by star athletes, shopping parties, a braid bar, fitness and workout sessions, dance classes and more! R29 shares about the event on their blogsite.

Event Guests Pose with Nike Props for the Video Booth Gabby Douglas Speaks to the Audience
Image Credit: Refinery 29

Participants posed with NTC props in front of our Open Concept Video Booth. Snapshots were then printed and constructed on site into Pink Shutter Flip Books as souvenirs.

R29 booked a custom package which included a color backdrop and custom Flip Book covers. Each book was branded with R29 and NTC logos. The added Social Media Station allowed guests to upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email. This upgrade is a great option for corporate events; use social media to increase your brand exposure.

Booth Attendants Put Together Custom Flip Books
Image Credit: Refinery 29

Check out some of the fun and funny video captures that went into making the Flip Books.

Pink Shutter staff were on site and snapped this shot of the NTC catwalk before the fiteness fashion show. Check out this photo and more on Pink Shutter’s Instagram page!

View from the Nike Training Camp Catwalk
Image Credit: Pink Shutter Instagram